Students are required to be in the full school uniform each and every day, unless otherwise instructed.  This rule applies to Gym as well.

Jewelry is not a part of the uniform.  However, a small pair of earrings is permitted for the girls.  Boys are not permitted to wear earrings. The official uniform provider is Flynn & O'Hara .  No one else is authorized to provide a uniform for MQHCA students.

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Flynn & O'Hara School Uniforms



Grades 1-4

Blue plaid jumper, knee length
Blue rounded collar blouse
Blue plaid tie
Navy blue knee socks or tights
Navy blue uniform pants
Sturdy shoes - blue/black

Grades   5-8

Blue plaid skirt, knee length
Blue pointed collar blouse
Blue knee socks or tights
Blue bolero
Uniform pants
Sturdy shoes  (no ballerinas)


Grades 1-8

Navy blue pants with belt
Blue long or short sleeve shirt
Navy blue tie—no clip on
Sturdy shoes


Boots are not permitted in the building.  They may be worn to and from school. A boot is considered as a covering that reaches the ankle.
The MQH sweatshirt may be worn daily during the cold weather.
From September 1 through October 31st and May 1st through the end of the year boys may wear  the MQH polo shirt.

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