4th Grade


                                   smileyWelcome to the Fourth Grade Class Pagesmiley
****Your child's homework and important announcements will be posted on this page. Please check this page daily****  
Important announcements:   
Helpful Links:
   In the link below, you will find sample tests to help your child practice at home for the upcoming state tests. You will also find previous years tests to view or practice.  Testing areas: ELA, Mathematics, and Science 
Social Studies: Our current unit is focusing on Early European Explorers, Colonial New York, The Thirteen Colonies, The American Revolution, The growth of New York State
Homework - 6/5/17  
S.S - tb page 202.  Read and answer questions 1,2, and 3 on loose leaf
Writing - What was your best memory from fourth grade?  Please use R.A.C.E.    
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