2nd Grade


devilWelcome to Second Gradedevil

Welcome to 2nd grade at Mary Queen of Heaven Academy! I am the second grade teacher Ms. Gabriella Toto. I am glad you and your child are here and look forward to working with you this year. I know this is an exciting time and look forward to helping your child grow and develop on our learning journey this year! Together, we will make this a successful experience! 

Your child's homework and important annoucements will be posted on this page. Please check daily. Thank you smiley

** hot lunch everyday**

Homework 6/13

  1. 11:40 Dismissal Moday 6/19 - Thursday 6/20 
  2. Thursday Bagel Breakfast * Bring drink 

Spelling Words: long o/i 

  1. beautiful
  2. group
  3. whose
  4. truth
  5. jewel
  6. igloo
  7. flute
  8. June
  9. stair
  10. fairy
  11. library
  12. dictionary
  13. terrible
  14. marry
  15. bury

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