Mary Queen of Heaven Catholic Academy is a small structure in relation to other Catholic schools.  Although it could accommodate six hundred at its inception, that is no longer the case.  Modern school furniture requires more space for movement and so limits class size.  The need to have "special" rooms - computer and Science Labs, space for Title 1 services and room for our Common Core Resources - cuts down on class room space.  At the present we are able to forfeit the space for these other purposes.


There is a good relationship between the parishioners and the school.  The Senior Citizens are supportive of all our fund raisers and will collect any item we ask them for.  We have an alliance with the local Catholic War Veteran's Chapter.  They supply cards at Christmas for our children to write to the troops.  They sponsor many patriotic contests which our children enter.  Frequently our students win first and second prizes which consist  of Certificates and monetary gifts.


Our parents are supportive of the parish fund raisers both monetarily and with their time.  We have a working relationship with the Mill Basin Civic Association and perform at several of their events including their annual installation of the president.


We are able to hang announcements in the local stores alerting the neighborhood to our events.  The local medical offices will display our brochures in their waiting rooms.


Finally, but most importantly, we share sacred moments with the parish during Sunday Liturgy, First Friday Mass and monthly prayer services provided by the school.

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